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Instant Checkout.

Instant Checkout combines login and payment functionalities into a simple and passwordless checkout flow. After filling out only 5 fields once, shoppers can checkout in one click for all the following purchases. There's more: once registered they can enjoy the same one‑click experience on all websites using Instant. Already tested with over 50,000 shoppers.

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Increase cart conversion by over 20% and stop losing customers.

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Improve customer loyalty, skipping long entry forms and nasty card issues.

Secure payments

Cutting edge fraud detection technology, while protecting customers’ data.

No code

Fast and easy plugins for general e-commerce platforms with instant setup.

How bad checkouts kill your conversion
75% of shoppers drop out of carts.
You can fix it.
Source: Baymard Institute 2020
dropout due to registration
too long and complex forms
website and payment errors
e-Commerce plugin
Easily integrate Instant into your e-commerce

Instant is a platform neutral, agnostic technology easy to plug into your existing e-commerce website, so you can start selling more without spending months improving your checkout.

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A strong team focused on user experience and security

Our team comes from some of the best startups in the world, with years of expertise in international payments’ security and efficiency. With Instant, we now want to make our cutting-edge checkout and authentication experience the new standard for the internet.

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